Perth Private Investigators

Mercury Investigative Services is a Private Investigator/Detective Agency located in Perth WA with a team of police licensed Investigators. We have over 20 years experience in the field and have been offering nationwide and international investigations to our clients.

Our Investigators are highly qualified and able to provide a number of investigative services to our clients, offering a seamless interaction throughout the entire investigation process. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and offer discreet investigations with a high degree of success ensuring our clients are satisfied with the outcomes at all times.

A large number of our investigations are conducted on behalf of insurance companies, law firms and corporate clients however we also provide investigations of a domestic nature, including spousal matters and child custody issues.

At the completion of an investigation, our clients are provided with a detailed factual report and DVD of all the video evidence we may obtain during the investigation process.

Services of a Private Investigator:


Infidelity Matters

Infidelity Investigation

Increasing number of spousal investigations.

Spousal Investigations have become an increasingly sought after service from MIS in recent years. We obtain an equal amount of calls from both men and women and have a high success rate during these investigations.

Most of the times if a client has gone to the trouble to hire a Private Investigator, then the chances are, something is most likely happening and the main objective is obtaining evidence during the investigation.

We use the latest covert technology including hidden cameras, remote monitoring and GPS tracking in order to offer our clients the most up-to- date practices.

Some of the equipment we use can be found at

We provide our clients with DVD footage of all evidence obtained along with a detailed factual report of the surveillance investigation. Enquire Now?


 Skip Tracing  

Skip Tracing

Service of Legal Documents

We receive a number of requests to locate individuals, not only in Perth WA but nationally also. Often the

reason is locate a tenant who may have skipped town with rent still owing and possibly damage to the property. We can usually track these people down but often it comes down to the amount of information our clients have on the people they are trying to locate.

We also track people down to serve legal documents and for people who may be avoiding their child support obligations.

Other Services:

Whether you are an individual requiring a Private Investigator for a domestic problem, a solicitor requiring information for a client, or a business looking to minimise losses, our team of private Investigators are here to assist you 7 days a week. Please call our Private Investigators in our Perth office on 1300 120 612 to discuss your matter confidentially and for an obligation free quote. Alternatively you can email our office at

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