Signs Your Wife May Be Having An Affair

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Signs of a Cheating Wife






Signs Your Wife May Be Having An Affair 

Has there been a few changes in your marriage? Perhaps the way your wife’s behaviour has changed, which is out of character? Below we have compiled a list of the top signs of a potential cheater;

Behaviour – Often the daily routine of a cheater changes around the time that an affair is taking place. This can be a way to confirm an affair, although there are numerous signs which will often occur simultaneously, to remove the areas of doubt. Behavioural changes such as leaving for work earlier, wanting to spend more time with ‘the girls’ and generally just trying to minimise the time spent with you, can be a good indication something is not right.

Personal Appearance – Often, a cheating wife will want to get into shape and lose weight, thus making her more appealing to men. Therefore, if you notice she is seriously dieting or spending significant time in the gym, specifically if this were something she normally did not do, you could be suspicious.

Finances – If you notice your wife spending money on frivolous things, dining out more, or making credit card purchases for small gift items, you might ask why. You may also become concerned if receipts are found that are out of character for her.

Mobile Phone Clues – Often a cheating wife may spend more time on the phone and want more privacy whilst doing so. An increase in wrong numbers or peculiar behaviour when taking a call, may also be a good indication of an affair. Also look to see if she guards her phone more carefully from the possibility of you seeing a text she’s received.

Sex – A common change with women who are cheating is that they are no longer interested in sex with the husband. When intimacy does occur, she may be more experimental or seem completely distracted.

Home/Car Clues – You may find that the wife is keeping the car/house cleaner than usual, removing infant seats or you may find things that you may not necessarily find such as clothing, cigarette butts, alcohol etc.