Insurance Investigations

Methods of defrauding insurance companies are manifold, as are the means of investigating them. Evidence shows that insurance fraud in wealthy nations is increasing dramatically however with the assistance of our services; we can work closely with claims managers in order to ascertain the merits of a claim.

Public Liability Claims

Public Liability is part of the law of tort which focuses on civil wrongs. The injured party usually sues the respondent (the owner or occupier) under common law based on negligence and/or damages. Claims are usually successful when it can be shown that the owner/occupier was responsible for an injury therefore they breached their duty of care.

The most common types of claims fall into a small number of categories:

• Slips trips and falls, make up the majority of claims

• Stress and anxiety, due to hold ups, elevator malfunction and

• Falling objects i.e. striking against or being struck

Public Liability Investigation

  Motor Vehicle Investigations

MIS provides detailed Compulsory Third Party investigations carried out by experienced investigators. We have a wide range of resources to compile thorough reports on all claims within allocated time frames as well as vast experience in the field.

Our proven ability in obtaining accurate technical evidence, advice and documentation ensure clients receive premium results on investigations.

Fraud Investigation

Workers’ Compensation Investigations

Workers’ compensation fraud occurs when a Claimant, employer, or health care provider knowingly lies in order to gain an advantage, savings, money, or other benefit. While many people believe that workers compensation fraud solely consists of employees lying about or exaggerating their injuries, workers’ compensation fraud can involve both employers and employees.

Workers' Comp Fraud