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Hidden Assets

Hidden Assets?

Assets can include property, vehicles, boats, aircraft, businesses, banks, etc. and our team of Private Investigators are able to conduct  property and assets checks to determine what is owned by an individual or company. Information can be gathered and placed into a report to provide our clients with the relevant information and can lead to further investigation. It includes information on the taxable value of a property and may include market and/or appraised property.

The property and asset checks include:

• Name of Owner

• Location

• Assessed Land Value

• Market Land Value

• Legal Description

• Assessment Year

• Detailed Property Description

Can you obtain someone’s credit file?

During an initial consultation, many of our clients often request that the person’s credit file be obtained. Obviously, this can’t be done legally unless we have their written permission or there are certain other criteria involved. At this point, we know that the client is trying to determine what the person’s financial picture is and we then offer other avenues to achieve the result, such as a Financial Profile.

Although we are unable to access their credit file, other records can give you information about the person’s financial status. For instance, if you check civil judgements records and find that a person has several lawsuits against them for failing to pay debts or failing to pay taxes, you can assume that this is a characteristic of that person. By building on this, you can provide the client with an overall profile of the person’s financial responsibility.

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