Surveillance Vehicle

Private Investigator Perth | Surveillance Vehicle At MIS we are at the forefront of technology when it comes to our static surveillance vehicle. We are constantly upgrading our
equipment with the advances in technology to provide the maximum benefit to our clients.

We typically use our surveillance vehicle for worker’s compensation claims where the target is inactive for prolonged periods however there are numerous applications for this technology.

Our unmanned vehicle can be parked at a distance from the target’s residence to monitor all activities in the field of view for hours on end.

Our static surveillance system consists of:

• Surveillance platform

• One mounted analogue camera

• One mounted Internet Protocol camera

• Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom function

• 12V Lithium power cells

• 3G Router/Connection

• Day/Night Infrared

• Auto tracking of target

• Motion detection

• Remote FTP when activity is detected

• DVR recording facility

• Battery management and UPS

Once our vehicle is deployed, we can monitor all activities remotely via a standard web browser.

We receive notification via email or SMS when activity is detected and can then see over the auto tracking function to ensure the cameras are recording the most beneficial footage.

What can our surveillance vehicle be used for?

The surveillance vehicle is a specialised tool for conducting investigations however it can be used for a range of scenarios. Often we are presented with a difficult area or suburb to conduct surveillance in and we tend to deploy the surveillance vehicle instead, to minimise any compromising events. We can also use the surveillance vehicle where our Investigator’s safety is an issue or where the target is inactive for a large portion of the day.

Some instances where we may use the surveillance vehicle are;

  • The target is highly suspicious and alert
  • The location of the surveillance can not involve an Investigator being seen in the vehicle
  • To conduct lengthy investigations to determine a person’s degree of activity
  • If a person spends a large amount of time in a particular area that is visible to the public
  • For theft Investigations – We can park the surveillance vehicle near the area the theft is occurring
  • To determine if a Target arrives or departs a premises over a certain period of time

Please contact our office for a schedule off fees and to arrange a booking for the vehicle on 1300 120 612.

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